Welcome to BCIX

BCIX (Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange e.V.) is a neutral not-for-profit association and Berlin’s leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) founded in 2002.

BCIX (BCIX Management GmbH) operates a distributed network for connecting customers like Carriers, ISPs, CDNs, Web Startups etc. to exchange their IPv4 and IPv6 Internet traffic.

The BCIX network is based on a DWDM optical network backbone and Ethernet platform nodes for connecting BCIX customers with Ethernet port speeds from 1Gbps to 100Gbps.

The BCIX network nodes are distributed over six different and highly secure data centers in Berlin:

  • e-shelter Datacenter
  • euNetworks (Lambdanet) Colocation
  • Level 3 Gateway
  • I/P/B/ CarrierColo Lützowstrasse
  • I/P/B/ CarrierColo Kitzingstrasse (new)
  • Speedbone (new)

BCIX operates one main VLAN for IPv4 and IPv6 Unicast peering.
We also provide members with private VLANs between each other if required.

In addition to these sites, you may be able to connect to BCIX via third party layer 2 network, fibre or wavelength carriers.

BCIX is a member of the European Internet Exchange Association Euro-IX.