ORCO GSGORCO GSG is the biggest commercial space real estate company in Berlin with more than 850,000 square meters commercial and light industrial space (~ 9,150,000 square feet) in 43 business parks hosting more than 1,600 tenant companies throughout Berlin.

In 2008/2009 ORCO GSG has been rolling out their “Hofnetz”, a dedicated fibre optic network infrastructure. ORCO GSG succeeds in offering professional internet access, line connectivity and data center services for the business tenants at 23 connected locations right now. Since late 2009 the Hofnetz has been connected to 4 data centers through Berlin and will connect to BCIX, 5 more owned locations and 2 additional data centers in the near future.

ORCO-GSG aims to supply ist tenants with State-of-the-Art IP Services and relies on partners to deliver services from connected data centers as well. The supply of cheap connectivity between service providers and tenants is another goal of ORCO-GSG.

The ORCO-GSG Infrastructure development approach delivers commercial spaces connected with highly performant and reliable IP infrastructure at very reasonable prices.