Berlin, 2011/03/24 – With its new location at Gradestrasse 60, in the internet gateway of telecommunication provider Level 3, the Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange e. V. (BCIX) has now opened its second new location so far this year. In so doing, BCIX has increased its presence as a peering points operator in Berlin, going from three locations in 2010 to five in 2011.

BCIX is meeting the high demands of its members and customers by making additional peering points (the integration of IP networks for data exchange) and larger port capacities available in Berlin’s data centers.

“Overall, data traffic at BCIX grew roughly 400 percent in 2010 alone”, says BCIX chairman Peter Lampe. “We see the increased data volumes as an engine for Berlin-Brandenburg’s 30,000 companies in the creative industries. Indeed, Berlin has accomplished much in recent years in precisely this field, the operation of large data volumes.” Companies profit from internet exchange points, which provide favourable networking conditions while allowing them to save on costly data lines.

Along with the new Level 3 location at Gradestrasse 60, BCIX operates in the data centers at Gradestrasse 40 (Versatel), Lützowstrasse 105 (I/P/B/ CarrierColo), Nonnendammallee 15 (e-shelter) and Alboinkontor – Alboinstrasse 36-42 (Lambdanet). With its new exchange point at Level 3, BCIX has made considerable progress towards its goal of becoming Germany’s second largest internet hub.

About BCIX e. V.:

Founded in 2002 by several Berlin internet companies, the BCIX internet hub enables companies (ranging from international carriers to medium-sized internet service providers) to exchange data through public and private peerings.

The association also sees itself as a union of Berlin’s commercial internet interests with regards to finance and politics.

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