During the Roundtable yesterday BCIX Executive Boardmember Christian Kröger announced the following orders of ports and port upgrades (Listed according to orders):

  • Akamai (AS20940) port upgrade to 60 Gbps
  • Telefonica Deutschland (AS6805, AS13184) port upgrade to 60Gbps each
  • Telecolumbus (AS20880) upgrade to 2x20Gbps
  • HLkomm (AS16097) port upgrades to 20Gbps each.
  • First 100 Gbps order by Kabel Deutschland (AS31334: port upgrade from 40Gbps to 100Gbps.
    Thanks to Kabel Deutschland’s order, Level3 – Gradestr. 60 will be the first 100G edge site at BCIX.

Upgrades will be finally published after the completition of the individual orders.