Current Port and Upgrade Orders

//Current Port and Upgrade Orders

Current Port and Upgrade Orders

During the Roundtable yesterday BCIX Executive Boardmember Christian Kröger announced the following orders of ports and port upgrades (Listed according to orders):

  • Akamai (AS20940) port upgrade to 60 Gbps
  • Telefonica Deutschland (AS6805, AS13184) port upgrade to 60Gbps each
  • Telecolumbus (AS20880) upgrade to 2x20Gbps
  • HLkomm (AS16097) port upgrades to 20Gbps each.
  • First 100 Gbps order by Kabel Deutschland (AS31334: port upgrade from 40Gbps to 100Gbps.
    Thanks to Kabel Deutschland’s order, Level3 – Gradestr. 60 will be the first 100G edge site at BCIX.

Upgrades will be finally published after the completition of the individual orders.

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