The BCIX (Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange) and the Central German fibre optic network and data centre operator PŸUR Business (HL komm Telekommunikations GmbH) are expanding their existing cooperation and strengthening the business and internet location Berlin/Brandenburg. As a leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP), BCIX is expanding its peering infrastructure and is now offering corresponding peering ports in the PŸUR data centre for connection to the Exchange platform. For BCIX, this is the tenth data centre in Berlin/Brandenburg which has now been made more accessible. 

For this purpose, PŸUR Business has taken a high-availability data centre certified according to TÜViT Level 3 into operation in Berlin-Mahlsdorf. The building taken over is now available with a data centre area of approx. 1,800 m² for secure data storage and use.

By means of peering at BCIX, customers can realise direct routes to interesting as well as high-volume networks in the PŸUR data centre, whereby the paths to these networks and their AS (autonomous system) are considerably shortened. With regard to stability and speed for applications such as VoIP voice connections, VPN, terminal server services, streaming, MPLS and gaming, the IP data peered via the BCIX offer a high level of quality and, above all, low latencies. At the Berlin location, the connection to the BCIX results in direct access to hundreds of networks, including the major well-known content providers such as Akamai, Amazon, Apple, Cloudflare, Facebook, Limelight, Microsoft, Netflix, Plusnet, Strato, Twitch and others.

In addition, from the PŸUR data centre, BCIX offers the possibility of using dedicated PNI (Private Network Interconnect) for direct interconnection to the other nine BCIX locations via the existing BCIX infrastructure. This service is of immense importance, especially for decentralised security and data architectures and multi-cloud environments.