20 years ago, BCIX e.V was founded in Berlin to ensure fast and delay-free data exchange in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

The BCIX community has developed from a small initiative, attended by a strong personal commitment in order to guarantee the neutrality and resilience of the Internet when it comes to the supply of freely available data. An infrastructure with over 4 terabit active peering bandwidth and a peak transfer of over 750GBit/s is now being operated in Berlin.

BCIX, the Internet Exchange operator in Berlin, has thus become an essential partner for IT infrastructure providers such as carriers and ISPs, as well as for content providers who provide information portals or streaming films.

As a rapidly growing IT and media location, Berlin will probably also be waiting for a reliable public peering infrastructure. To ensure the operational reliability of BCIX public peering, BCIX Management GmbH was founded in 2012 and now operates 12 peering POPs in Berlin. BCIX Management GmbH is celebrating its 10th anniversary at the same time as the non-commercial association.

Due to the enormous increase in data center capacities in Berlin and Brandenburg and the associated resource requirements, new ideas are required to keep the CO² footprint under control in the future. The Berlin Senate has also recognized this and encouraged the launch of a state-wide sustainability strategy for the city.

“Sustainability” is the keyword. How does IT manage to make the supply of data and communication sustainable? This is the motto of the BCIX anniversary event on June 30th, 2022 in Marienfelde. The IT industry and politics will exchange ideas and thoughts on sustainability in IT in lectures and discussions.

The day will be rounded off with a networking evening with live music.