BCIX-Members and Peers

All participants and members at BCIX can be found in the following table. The BCIX member list is also available in JSON format based on the Euro-IX JSON Schema.


RS: Public IPv4 and IPv6 Peering with BCIX AS16374 Route-Server.

Detailed information about our Data Center locations and available carriers  can be found on our Data Center page.

Locations (sorted by abbreviation):

A36: euNetworks / Lambdanet, Alboinstr. 36, 12103 Berlin

A36s: Speedbone, Alboinstr. 36, 12103 Berlin

G60: Level 3, Gradestrasse 60, 12347 Berlin

K: CarrierColo (I/P/B/), Data Center location “K”, 12277 Berlin

L105: CarrierColo (I/P/B/), Lützowstrasse 105/106, 10785 Berlin

L5: 3U Telecom, Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin

N15: e-shelter, Nonnendammallee 15, 13599 Berlin

W46: Colt, Wiebestraße 46-49, 10553 Berlin