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Who are we?

BCIX is the leading Internet Exchange in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. Since 2002, we have been promoting the use of the Internet through our peering platform. Fast and latency-free data connections for Internet providers as well as personal, open and constructive exchange between the people behind the technology - that's what BCIX stands for.

How does it work?

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What peering means

First of all, peering stands for the possibility of connecting Internet services for sustainable and efficient data exchange.

Information without detours

Peering and IXPs are used to regionally interconnect networks to efficiently and cost-effectively route IP traffic from you and other Internet service providers, telecommunications companies, and cloud providers.

Reliable data connections

Service providers from all over the world as well as regional providers use BCIX as a trustworthy basis for the provision of their Internet services in the metropolitan region. Whether IT companies, IP providers, NGOs, other companies or public institutions

  • Your information reaches its destination safely and directly.
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Regional Data Centers

BCIX offers you connection to the peering platform at 11 points of presence. Below you may find the data center that suits you best.

CarrierColo (I/P/B/) and DNS:NET, Lützowstraße 105/106, 10785 Berlin
NTT BER1, Nonnendammallee 15,13599 Berlin
Lumen, Gradestraße 60, 12347 Berlin
3U Telecom, Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin
Speedbone and euNetworks, Alboinstraße 36, 12103 Berlin
AtlasEdge, Wiebestraße 46-49, 10553 Berlin
NTT BER2, Lankwitzer Straße 45-47, 12105 Berlin
CarrierColo (I/P/B/), Kitzingstraße 15, 12277 Berlin
PŸUR / HL komm / Penta Infra BER01, Florastraße 133-136, 12623 Berlin
659 Gbit/s
659 Gbit/s
  • Port Upgrade: EXARING AG (AS51324)
  • New BCIX-SubPeer: Axera S.p.A. (AS34758)
  • New BCIX-SubPeer: Wichmann Internet Services (AS33940)
  • Port Upgrade: (AS917)