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BCIX for business

Whether you are a data center operator, cloud or content provider, service provider or carrier in the Berlin and Brandenburg region:

You use the Internet Exchange at the BCIX for simple, direct connection to each other (peering) in order to make your offers accessible to your target groups and to ensure that your customers can exchange data without delay (latency-free).

For marketing platforms, portals and communities: Peering at BCIX increases the access speed of your services and improves the quality of your offers as well as the user experience.

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    950 Gbit/s
    950 Gbit/s
    • Port Upgrade: EXARING AG (AS51324)
    • New BCIX-SubPeer: Axera S.p.A. (AS34758)
    • New BCIX-SubPeer: Wichmann Internet Services (AS33940)
    • Port Upgrade: (AS917)