Our Community

For us at BCIX, it is an important concern to create the possibility for personal exchange in addition to the technical platform for data exchange.

BCIX is passion

As an essential part of BCIX, a community has been established that stands for the exchange of experience, know-how transfer, and open and respectful cooperation.

At our regular roundtables in changing locations, new business ideas and friendships are formed that go beyond daily business.

Internet-savvy people, Internet gurus, Internet youngsters, students and trainees, or even those who never want to stop learning:

Everyone is invited to network in our community.

Peering in person!

"The secret of successful communication lies in the respect we give to our people." Unknown author

Stop by, meet us, talk to us - live, in color and face-to-face. Also feel free to contact us directly if you're looking for support on topics related to the Internet and digitalization - we'll find the right person to talk to about your questions.

Bringing the Internet forward together!

Feel free to sign up if you want to be part of our upcoming roundtables.

We will only send you the invitation for the next events - promise!

950 Gbit/s
950 Gbit/s
  • Port Upgrade: EXARING AG (AS51324)
  • New BCIX-SubPeer: Axera S.p.A. (AS34758)
  • New BCIX-SubPeer: Wichmann Internet Services (AS33940)
  • Port Upgrade: Misaka.io (AS917)