DE-CIX Frankfurt Connect

DE-CIX Frankfurt is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in Europe. Through a link between BCIX and DE-CIX, peers can also use the services of the other IXP.

This is how it works

Services of DE-CIX can be provided via VLAN at BCIX - there is no direct connection of the peering LANs.

The following services can be booked:

  • GlobePEER
  • VirtualPNI
  • DirectCLOUD
  • MAPS (Microsoft Azure Peering Services)
  • Access Port in Frankfurt

Various bandwidths between 100 Mbps and 100 Gbps are available for transport between Berlin and Frankfurt.


Due to many parameters, we ask for specific inquiries so that we can prepare an offer.

Connect to DE-CIX

Send us an e-mail so that we can create an individual offer.

878 Gbit/s
878 Gbit/s
  • Roundtable 2024
  • Port Upgrade: (AS917)
  • New BCIX peer: Zattoo AG (AS8302)
  • New BCIX member: nLighten