Peering @ BCIX

Connect directly to the Internet Exchange platform in Berlin.

This way you can exchange data quickly and directly
with cloud providers, access providers (regional/global), carriers or Tier-1, content providers and content delivery networks (CDN).

How peering works

Peering is the connection between networks.

At an Internet Exchange (IX) this is called "Public Peering".

To establish a peering connection, the networks to be connected require a good knowledge of BGP, the Border Gateway Protocol.

This protocol enables the network managers to set up the routes to the respective desired partners.

The prerequisite is the operation of an own Autonomous System (AS).



Access to peering is non-discriminatory.


Peering is done independently.


Everyone has the right to choose its partner networks.

Cost efficiency

Our prices are mostly to cover costs.


Data is supposed to find the fastest way.


Strengthening the Internet in the Berlin/Brandenburg Region.

Data Centers

BCIX switches for the peering platform are installed in eleven data centers in Berlin. The BCIX Switches are interconnected with DarkFibre using DWDM for all connections. Please consider all data centers before you choose where you want us to enable a port for you. The BCIX services offered at the available sites are all similar. All sites have different service offerings that may fit your needs. Use the links below to find out about their services, pricing and availability and contact them in case you need more information.

Available Carriers
PŸUR HL komm & Penta Infra BER01, Florastraße 133-136, 12623 Berlin
AtlasEdge BER01 (ex Colt), Wiebestraße 46-49, 10553 Berlin


2 Gbps10 Gbps30 Gbps100 Gbps400 Gbps
100€ Monthly
400€ Monthly
1100€ Monthly
1950€ Monthly
3950€ Monthly
400€ Setup
400€ Setup
800€ Setup
800€ Setup
1600€ Setup
10G-LR (Rate Limited)
100G-LR4 / 100G-LR (Rate Limited)
100G-LR4 / 100G-LR

Peer in Berlin

You need specific information for your peering port?
BCIX provides you with the right peering offer for you.

I'd like to peer
933 Gbit/s
933 Gbit/s
  • New BCIX-Peer: netgo group
  • New BCIX member: TELTA Citynetz GmbH
  • New BCIX-Peer: TikTok [AS396986]