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For policymakers, digitalization is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today: understanding legal frameworks, IT infrastructure and IT security, as well as competing stakeholder influences, is just as important as taking a fundamental and holistic view of processes.

With a constant, fast and understandable knowledge transfer, trend-setting decisions can be made in a short time in order to launch optimizations and innovations.

The BCIX community stands for the idealistic approach of sharing knowledge and providing all interested parties with answers to their challenges regarding Internet technologies and IT.

Peering in person!

"Communication is the art of aiming for the heart to hit the head." Vance Packard, publicist.

Meet our specialists for a personal dialog: Our community roundtables regularly offer the opportunity to make interesting contacts and get new impulses. For BCIX, personal communication and technical connections are the basis for a digital society.

Learning through networking

Our roundtables always take place at different locations. Anyone is welcome!

The next roundtable

Bringing the Internet Forward Together!

Feel free to sign up if you want to be part of our upcoming roundtables. We will only send you the invitations for the next dates - we promise!

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